Franking Machines changes

Franking customers will be receiving a letter detailing the changes which will come into effect from 2nd January 2013. Royal Mail are changing the design on franked, machine-readable letter items that use their automated equipment in mail centres.  The new mark will appear in the top left hand corner of the envelope which will include the Royal Mail logo with the wording “Delivered by”. Please see illustration.

You do need to make adjustments to your stationery to ensure the area in the top left hand corner is kept clear, so if you have any wording, slogans, company logos, return addresses in the top left hand corner you will need to move them to another area. If the area is clear on your stationery already then you don’t need to do anything.

Why has this been implemented?

The identification of mail received by a customer will help all recipients with identifying who to contact if there is a problem in terms of miss or late delivery, damaged mail or another issue. As the postal market has more suppliers, this will allow each business to know the access provider who has processed each item of mail and in turn drive up quality standards.

Royal mail currently field 1,000s of enquiries via their systems for issues related to non-Royal Mail delivered items.