Mailmark™ Franking Machines

Royal Mail have delivered a new way to make your business more effective, Royal Mail Mailmark™. If this is the first time you have heard about it, then –worry not- you are ahead of time to get informed on this new technology. Mailmark™ is now being introduced, so it is essential that customers understand what the implications of this new development are.

In a nutshell Mailmark™ introduces a new barcode. This barcode combines innovative optical technology with digital performance reporting. Simply put, this means that at a click of a button you can learn exactly where your mail consignment is and when it is due to arrive.

Mailmark™ can be used with the following products:

  • Advertising Mail,
  • Sustainable Advertising Mail,
  • Publishing Mail,
  • Business Mail 1st Class,
  • Business Mail.

It can be used with machinable Letter and Large Letter formats for low sort, unsorted or meter options.

Royal Mail making a new impression

To date this is Royal mail’s largest investment in Letters Automation in order to improve and transform Royal Mail systems and to ensure that a digital performance management system is put in place.

Mailmark Franking MachinesNot only will this deliver discounts over SMART tariff and stamps, but most importantly this will improve organisational management. By being able to track your mail consignment at every stage and being aware of its delivery, companies can improve services through better timing, planning, follow ups and monitoring performance.

No doubt with any change and the introduction of new technology come inevitable questions. Therefore it is essential to speak with us to ensure that your franking machine is Mailmark™ ready and what is involved in shifting to Mailmark™.

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