Are you still printing in red ink?

Are you being told you need to change your machine?

Then speak to us, we’re more cost effective, there’s no hidden charges and we’ll also give you £250 free postage with your new machine.

FP Mailing HCS and Royal Mail are migrating all customers with a SMART franking machine to franking with blue ink instead of the current red ink. This is happening following the successful tests on blue ink which demonstrated an improvement in mail machine readability.

Mailmark™ Savings

Save up to 3p on every item
It Soons Stacks Up . . .

Royal Mail have delivered a new way to make your business more effective,
Royal Mail Mailmark™, In a nutshell Mailmark™ introduces a new barcode. This barcode combines innovative optical technology with digital performance reporting. Simply put, this means that at a click of a button you can learn exactly where your mail consignment is and when it is due to arrive.

We can offer you a cheaper alternative to your existing supplier inclusive of all the features and benefits as mentioned above. All our machines are smart machines and are Mailmark™ ready which will allow you to take advantage of the Royal Mail discounts saving you a lot of money.

Call us on 03332 414 077 to speak to one of our mailroom consultants on how to make this additional saving.