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CentorMail Franking Machine

Dynamic weighing and franking with a CentorMail Franking Machine

CentorMail from FP Mailing offers a high performance franking system for items of mixed size.

From a basic CentorMail model through to a complete system to include automatic feed, a dynamic scale, a sealing unit and full postage software with accounting and multi-carrier capabilities.

With a clear graphical display you will navigate confidently through accounts and procedures.

CentorMail Franking Machines display complete information about your letter which includes applicable postage, the image of you advertising clich├ęs and total remaining postage.

The Automatic mixed mail feeder can handle letters up to 20mm thick and can process every format from a post card to a C4 size envelope.

Multi-Carrier Franking Machine

FP Mailing multi-carrier option allows customers to control and monitor expenditure all in one place using various postal carriers. Discounts up to 30% can
be achieved. Contact FP Mailing HCS for more information.

Franking Machine Features


Inkjet (cartridge or bulk print heads)


15 Advertisments


150 Letters Per Minute


300 Department Accounts


20 Job Memory


Integrated scale (5kg)


Automatic mixed envelope feeder


Optional Dynamic scale (1kg)


Optional Sealing unit


Optional Power stacker


Label dispenser


Serial Interface


SMS text message capability


Names for department accounts


Update advertisements by chipcard


Access authorisation by chipcard


Optional Mailreport accounting software


Postage loading Via Teleset


Optional Multi-carrier


Digital Connectivity Via FPConnect


Smart Meter Enabled