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Trusted by over 25,000 organisations across the UK, DX Mail enables organisations to send their mail via the DX closed network cheaply, quickly and securely. However the DX's pricing structure is extremely difficult to understand and many users are confused by the facts and figures that are produced by them. Our monitor allows you to easily log every item sent through the DX, which allows us to calculate accurate subscription levels.

It cannot be said that we can save everyone money, but we will happily look at your outgoing mail and make sure you are getting what you pay for. For those we manage to make a saving, we will then be in a position to recommend the next course of action. 

Take a look at our dedicated DX Mail Saving website.

DX Mail

As you will see from our testimonials, some of these savings have been substantial. We offer a machine and a full consultancy service. With our consultancy service, we offer a No Saving, No Fee promise, so what have you got to lose? When working with a DX member, our only focus is to ensure that the proposed annual subscription fee is accurate.

We have a unique DeXcess Monitor that only monitors DX. The system is simple to use and enables us to download reports that fill in the gaps when it comes to your DX subscription. The reports give you an itemised list of each item sent, the time it was sent, the weight and the price. This can be done monthly, quarterly or annually, it is entirely up to you how often we run these for you.

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