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Mail tracking and Proof of Delivery

Do you redistribute incoming post internally, or do you collect mail for despatch?

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Introducing VM-On-Track

VM-On-Track is an internal mail tracking and Proof of Delivery system, using PC or Cloud based software and hand held Android Tablets, designed to enable you to track the movement of mail and parcels within your organistaion right to its final recipient.

• Automatic advice email sent to recipient for incoming mail
• Find current location of all of your mail
• Signature capture for proof of delivery or secure QR Code scanning
• Web based tracking and reporting
• Mobile push notifications to recipient mobiles
• Fast return on investment

Who can use VM-On-Track?

• Banks, Building Societies and any other organisation with internal mail
• Companies with large sites or with multiple buildings
• NHS Trusts: doctors surgeries, ambulance stations with interanl departments
• Universities: student post tracking in halls of residence
• Companies with a single site and with many floors and departments
• Carriers and courier companies

How does VM-On-Track work?

Your mail room operative scans the address label on incoming post. The recipient name is recognised via OCR (optical Character Recognition) and is automatically cross referenced with your user database.
Once a match has been located, the mail room operative can send a delivery or collection notice to the recipient with the touch of a button.
The recipient will receive the notice either via the mobile application or email along with their unique encrypted QR code. They can then use this as proof of collection / delivery get their mail.

On arrival to your mail-room the incoming mail item is labelled with a barcode, or the external courier barcode can be used to save time. The item is then booked in against the recipient on the internal mail tracking system PC software using a barcode scanner.

Mobile Applications

VM on-track includes Android and iOS applications for mobile devices. This will allow your mail room device to directly notify the recipient of the status of their mail item.
The recipient will be sent a message via a mobile push notification to their mobile device screen. They will also be sent an encrypted QR code. The QR code can be scanned by the mail room device on as proof of collection / delivery.

If the recipient does not use the mobile app, they will also be sent an email with a QR code for proof of collection / delivery.

If a mail item is lost there is a complete audit trail of all movements of the item from the point it was booked in at the post-room so that it’s last known location can be traced.

Recipients and other staff can track parcels and view reports through the internal
mail tracking web module. Take a look at the Internal Mail Tracking website.