Business Mail Advanced

Business Mail Advanced is an easy way of reducing the cost of your postage. If you need a little help to understand the savings, please contact FP Mailing HCS and we will help you save as much as possible on every piece of mail you send.

What is Business Mail Advanced?

If you produce a minimum of 500 letters at one time for delivery to UK addresses and you can prepare your mail so Royal Mail’s automated technology can read and verify the postcode and address, you can obtain the following discounts from the usual franking tariff price:

  • 1st Class letters are discounted by 4.6p (10.5% reduction on Standard 1st Class Letters Meter prices)
  • 2nd Class Letters are discounted by 5.1p (16.5% reduction on Standard 2st Class Letters Meter prices).

In addition to this, you can receive additional Volume Related Discounts, starting from 1.5%, if you mail more than 1,000 items at once.

What do I need to receive the discounts?

As well as sending a minimum of 500 letters, your business needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Appropriate letter dimensions
  • Minimum size is 145mm x 110mm
  • Maximum size is 240mm x 165mm
  • Minimum thickness is 0.25mm. Maximum thickness is 5mm
  • Addresses must be machine printed in a defined area of the letter
  • Appropriate address location and format
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) address specification is recommended
  • Appropriate clearzones – Royal Mail requires certain areas of the mail piece to have no markings. These are called clearzones. Royal Mail print bar codes on each item in these areas to assist the sorting process.
  • Appropriate presentation
  • Letters separated in to 1st and 2nd Class
  • Letters presented upside down and facing the front of the trays
  • Trays are placed in the wheeled containers – Royal Mail will provide A4 trays and a wheeled container
  • Letters should bear a license number. This is normally applied when your machine franks a letter.
  • Complete a Customer Collection Receipt

How are my discounts calculated?

Royal Mail sorting office machines read the license number and check the letter for address accuracy. You will then be allocated a discount on an item by item basis for every piece of your mail that is automatically sorted.

How do I claim the discount?

Discounts are refunded either by cheque or as a credit to your Royal Mail Account. A refund application is not required.