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Are you still printing in red ink?

Are you being told you need to change your machine? Then speak to us, we’re more cost effective, there’s no hidden charges and we’ll also give you £250 free postage with your new machine. FP Mailing HCS and Royal Mail are migrating all customers with a SMART franking machine to franking with blue ink instead […]

Small Parcel Changes

Save £1 on Small Parcels Royal Mail changes mean that you can now save £1 on the cost of sending a small parcel. From 20th October 2014 to 18th January 2014 small parcel prices and sizes will change. The size of a small parcel will now be a combination of the previous deep and wide […]

Mailmark™ Franking Machines

Royal Mail have delivered a new way to make your business more effective, Royal Mail Mailmark™. If this is the first time you have heard about it, then –worry not- you are ahead of time to get informed on this new technology. Mailmark™ is now being introduced, so it is essential that customers understand what […]

Common Mistakes When Franking

What should I do if I make a mistake when franking my mail? Wrong date If you frank your mail with the wrong date, you just need to put a line through the incorrect date in black ink, then change the date on your franking machine and set the postage to £0.00. You then re-frank […]

Franking Machines changes

Franking customers will be receiving a letter detailing the changes which will come into effect from 2nd January 2013. Royal Mail are changing the design on franked, machine-readable letter items that use their automated equipment in mail centres.  The new mark will appear in the top left hand corner of the envelope which will include […]

VAT and Royal Mail

VAT on Royal Mail services is nothing new; with effect from 31st January 2011 some of Royal Mail services that can be accessed and paid for through a franking machine did become liable for VAT. In simple terms, if you didn’t or do not have a franking machine fitted with a ‘SMART’ Meter then you […]

Red ink turning BLUE

FP Mailing HCS and Royal Mail are migrating all customers with a SMART franking machine to franking with blue ink instead of the current red ink. This is happening following the successful tests on blue ink which demonstrated an improvement in mail machine readability. We are keen to utilise this advancement alongside the latest technology […]

Business Mail Advanced

Business Mail Advanced is an easy way of reducing the cost of your postage. If you need a little help to understand the savings, please contact FP Mailing HCS and we will help you save as much as possible on every piece of mail you send. What is Business Mail Advanced? If you produce a […]