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Franking Machine Questions

What is a Franking Machine

Franking Machines can be used to add the exact postage to first and second class mail items. You can use your machine for several different types of mail such as:

  • Letters
  • Special Delivery
  • Recorded Delivery
  • International
  • Airmail
  • Mailsort
  • Cleanmail
  • Business Collection Service


Franking Machine Questions

Franking Machines come in several different sizes and capacities with most being able to expand with your business. You would normally choose your machine based on your mail volume. We are happy to advise you on which model will best suit your needs.

Small, low volume Franking Machines are very easy to use and simple in their design. These are very suitable for small business or even home use if you send a lot of ebay parcels.

Larger machines can automatically weigh your mail and price it accordingly.

On receipt of your new Franking Machine, you will need to ensure that it is loaded with the correct postage tarrifs. Some machines will require the user to log in prior to use, this ensures that you can protect against improper use whilst also placing the costs under the correct accounting code for you to use later in your tax returns.

Since 2006, postage has been determined by using the Pricing in Proportion guide to decide which category your mail falls into. This is done by the size of the envelope as well as its weight and thickness. Modern large franking machines may link to built in scales to determine weight, meaning that you do not have to work out correct tariffs for your mail because your machine will do it for you.

How to use a Franking Machine

The first thing in the Franking process is to weigh your mail. This way, you will only pay for the postage that you need. All newer franking machines have built in scales so all that is needed is to place your mail on the scale. You will be able to select what type of mail you are sending on the screen. Some of the larger machine do this 'on-the-fly' They will weigh and frank your mail in one process.

Some larger parcels that won't fit into the machine will require you to put a franking label through the process, get it printed and then attach it to your parcel manually.

Your Franking Machine will either be attached to a phone line for its updates from Royal Mail or some of the newer machines can connect to your network wirelessly for updates.


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